Rooney Vacations in Belize

by Whitney Anderson on January 18, 2010

Dr. James Dalton, our Vice President of Information Technology and Public Relations, and his family took a trip to Belize for a holiday getaway.  But what’s a family vacation without a mascot by your side?  They took Rooney along for the fun and here are a few photos…


Rooney patiently awaits to board the plane on his way to Belize!


Nothing like the wind blowing through your feathers as you set sail on the open waters.


The Dalton family, and Rooney, are all smiles upon their arrival.


Rooney makes a nest and looks out on a beautiful view in the evening.


Nothing like making good music with new friends!


Rooney takes part in a popular Belize game.


Rooney is so angelic as he celebrates Christmas with the Dalton family.


Who knew Rooney was so musically talented? He became a favorite on the beach music scene.


Rooney sets sail on his final day in Belize.

Rooney’s Future Travels
If Rooney travels with you, be sure and send us photos.   We’re all excited to see where he goes next!  If you don’t have a little Rooney, buy one online from the new bookstore website.

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1 Anne Grubbs January 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm

That’s pretty cool. My graduate university, Western Kentucky, also has a traveling mascot. Big Red, the Hilltopper mascot, goes all over the world, as does the Red Towel. I think Rooney and Big Red may need to meet somewhere. Can Rooney come to Bowling Green to play with Big Red???????????

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