Going, Going, Gone: Bowman Hall

by Teresa Gereaux on July 16, 2014

In late June, Roanoke College President Michael Maxey led a short ceremony to recognize Bowman Hall and begin the demolition process.

Check out the demo highlights.

If that’s just not enough, you can watch the full 11 minute ceremony here.

Over the next two weeks, Bowman was dismantled with the wrecking ball and other heavy equipment.

On July 10, in the later afternoon, the last walls came down.



After separating out metal and other materials, much of the construction material is grinded into small pieces and mixed with dirt to use as fill for an area of Elizabeth campus that needed to be raised and leveled out.

So you might say Bowman Hall is being recycling into a green field for the Elizabeth campus.

Ready to look to the future? Watch the Cregger Center rise up via the Cregger Cam, with two view angles, one from the Wells (Sections) vantage point and the other from New Hall as viewed above Kerr Stadium.

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