Ghost stories from Monterey House

by rcnewsblog on October 7, 2013

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A crowd gathered at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea in Salem last Thursday evening to hear a good ghost story.

Roanoke College students, professors and others from the community were there for the fall semester’s second Roanoke College Coffee Shop Talk discussion.

The talk’s topic was the famously haunted Monterey House, located on High Street on Roanoke’s campus. Roanoke College English professor Dr. Tom Carter spoke about the house’s history and his own ghostly experiences with the building.

Fall0750Roanoke College purchased the Monterey House in 2002. It currently serves as the College’s guest house and meeting space.

According to Carter, the house previously was a private residence, and the owner never wanted the College to buy it.

Carter claims that the owner told her children, “Roanoke College will get this house over my dead body.”

The irony of this statement remains true. The house’s former owner is one of the many ghosts with whom people claim to have come in contact while staying at Monterey, Carter said.

Carter described examples of ghost findings from students in his Ghosts and Human Perception class. The class requires students to spend one night in Monterey. The questions Carter asks his students to keep in mind are “How do our beliefs shape our knowledge?” and “Where did the noise or sightings actually come from?”

He said students from his class claim to have encountered noises or tapping on their necks and hands while spending the night in Monterey. During his talk, Carter played voice recordings from students’ nights spent at Monterey.

Perhaps no one will ever really know who is haunting Monterey or if the house is haunted. But having an apparently haunted building on Roanoke’s campus makes it feel like Halloween all year round.

-By Shelby Sacco ’14


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1 Hunter October 7, 2013 at 2:59 pm

This is cool, ghost hunters should go there haha

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