Paint a wall mural in Smoyer Gallery

by rcnewsblog on September 19, 2013

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Emily Knade ’14, an art major at Roanoke, paints on the mural wall in Smoyer Gallery.

Are you artsy?

Express your creative skills by painting on a wall at Smoyer Gallery in the style of Christine Heller, an artist whose art is on display at Roanoke College.

Heller, whose art includes figurative wall drawings and canvases, is showcasing her work at Olin Gallery now through Oct. 6 in an exhibit called “Line/Body/Action/Time.” Roanoke students and the public are invited to join Heller through the exhibit’s end by painting on a Smoyer wall during the gallery’s weekday hours, which are 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Heller said she hopes the wall mural, located beside the Olin Theater entrance, will inspire everyone to “keep the brain flow of ideas going.”

Roanoke’s English Department also is sponsoring a word art wall in Smoyer. The idea behind this wall is to incorporate expressive words to create a giant mural.

The walls change day-to-day as painting happens, so stop by the gallery to make your mark.

Artist Jessica Wohl’s work also is on display in Smoyer through Oct. 6. Wohl’s exhibit is “Dark Inside.”

-By Shelby Sacco ’14


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