New Digital Signage Highlights College Accomplishments, Happenings

by Blair Garland on September 20, 2013

new digital signage in the Colket Center

There’s a lot going on at Roanoke College these days, but you might not know it unless you make a daily habit of perusing the College’s news stories, social media posts and calendar. Now, all that will appear in one place—on digital signage called the Digital Wall.

Located in the Colket Center, the Digital Wall is made from three separate large-screen LCD displays, and it is powered by a new campus-wide digital signage platform purchased by Information Technology.

News stories, press releases and blog posts rotate on the information screens, alongside campus snapshots, upcoming events, Maroons sports news, the College’s Facebook posts, tweets about the College, and a weather forecast. A special section will be devoted to highlighting “Maroons Who Out-do the Expected,” and it will feature both alumni and current students.

The information screen makes use of content generated for other purposes, giving greater visibility to campus happenings. For example, events automatically pull from the campus calendar. Ads that appear in the upper-right corner of the information screen are the same messages that appear on Roanoke’s Channel 65 announcement system. If you would like to place a Channel 65 message, you can contact the Colket Center.

Video occasionally takes over the larger center screen, showing off the beauty of the campus environment and adding visual interest. Other times, full-screen messages will highlight the College’s most important accomplishments and signature events. Invitations to attend upcoming sports events will also appear.

Additionally, the Digital Wall has the capability to show live Maroons sporting events.

Next time you’re in the Colket Center, stop and check out the Digital Wall, and see all the great things our students, faculty, staff and alumni are doing.

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