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by Teresa Gereaux on November 15, 2012

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Like many people out in social media land, Roanoke junior Hillary Ferguson is doing the November Project, which entails 30 days of highlighting the details in her life for which she is most thankful.

Ferguson is doing more than just a tweet or Facebook post. She is blogging each day at her personal blog, My Life Undecided.

Her Nov. 13 post caught our attention, because she detailed the people, atmosphere and activities at Roanoke College for which she is thankful.

That’s not all. Her Nov. 8 post is titled “My Awesome Professors,” and she posted about fun,  music and friends at the President’s Ball on Nov. 3.

Ferguson said her favorite post this month is the Veteran’s Day story she wrote for the blog.

Ferguson is a creative writing major from Roanoke. She loves to write and credits Dr. Paul Hanstedt, a Roanoke English professor, with helping to bring her writing to a new level.

Her mentor is Nicole Lenez ’05, an area coordinator at Roanoke, who helped her to decide to become a writer.

Ferguson started the blog before a trip to England to visit friends she met at Roanoke.

Ferguson writes from the heart and covers many topics recognizable to the Maroon nation: Roanoke’s beautiful campus, her awesome professors, the area coordinators, chefs from the Commons, Campus Safety, her fellow students and even bowties.

“This project has brought a lot of perspective to my life because I live every day looking for the positive rather than focusing in on the negative,” Ferguson said. “You realize once you start looking for the positives, you don’t really have to look, they are right there in front of you.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“I guess I should start with the first: home. I went to Last Lecture with President Maxey and I asked him if he could describe in one word what Roanoke College meant to him. He said, “dear.” Perfect. And totally sweet. When asked what my word would be, I thought for a bit before responding with, “home.” It’s true. It’s why I came here in the first place. Even as a junior in high school, when I was touring colleges all over, I always felt a sense of home at RC. That hasn’t changed.”

Take a few minutes and visit Ferguson’s blog. You’ll be thankful you took the time to read it.

Comment here on the blog about the people or aspects of your life for which you are most thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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