Students, Please Participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement

by rcnewsblog on February 24, 2012

Freshmen and seniors should check their e-mail for a reminder about participation.  The next reminder will be sent sometime on Monday, February 27th.  Thank you to the students who have already completed the survey!

Roanoke College Needs Your Response to Guide Important Improvements
The NSSE survey is very important to Roanoke College.  NSSE provides information about student perceptions and the overall campus environment.  It reports information on student work habits, the perceived styles and difficulty of our courses, engagement in service, levels of serious discussions by students, diversity experiences, cultural experiences, and many similar aspects of the college experience.

Roanoke has administered this survey every third year for more than a decade.  Student responses to this survey in past years were one of the driving forces for the general education review that led to the new Intellectual Inquiry curriculum.  Starting this year, we will be administering this survey annually, in part to get feedback on how the new curriculum is working.

Most of our freshmen and seniors are on the list being surveyed (~950 students).  Sophomores and juniors are not surveyed.  Students should check their college e-mail account for the invitation to participate, including a link to the survey.  Clicking that e-mail link is the only way to participate!

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Jack Steehler, Director of Institutional Research (540-375-2540).

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