NY Times list shows RC as tough place to get an A

by rcnewsblog on May 4, 2010

Post image for NY Times list shows RC as tough place to get an A

Just a month ago, Roanoke College was featured in GradeInflation.com’s “Sweet Sixteen of Tough Graders.” Now the New York Times has included the College in a statistical analysis of grade trends among a cross-section of 35 colleges and universities around the country.

In “A as the New B,” Roanoke College ranks the toughest of the group, with 29% of our students earning As, just a 2% increase over the past decade.

By comparison, 41% of Princeton students earn As, although the school also made GradeInflation.com’s Sweet Sixteen list for its efforts to reduce grade inflation. A full two-thirds of students at Brown University earn As, while Reed College in Oregon was second behind Roanoke, with 33% of students earning As. Other schools featured in the NY Times list include Elon University (45%), Hope College (57%) and UNC-Chapel Hill (45%).

Who says that liberal arts schools are the place to get an easy A?  At Roanoke College, the faculty expects students to work hard and earn their grades. At the same time, faculty members are accessible to students and help them succeed at Roanoke and afterwards. Roanoke alumni know the value of a Roanoke degree.


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